Ootd: Bold pieces that you HAVE to try at least once

Hello world!

Today, I will be sharing some fashion finds that I think EVERY girl should try at least once. So, without further ado, here ya go!

1. Jelly sling-backs

2. Oversized trench coat

3. Book bags…ACTUAL book bags

4. Fishnet tights

5. Oversized sweater

6. Patch-dazzled anything

7. Statement jumpsuit

8. Mom jeans

9. Fan-girl swag

10. Childhood throwback

11. Parachute pants

12. Snarky sweatshirt

13. Statement belt

14. Large bell sleeves

15. Doodle skort

•Which was your favorite?

•What are some of your favorite statement pieces?

•Will you be trying any of these?

I hope you enjoyed this post!


Side note: I greatly apologize for the lack of affiliate links. I try to include them, but some are IMPOSSIBLE to find. Thank you for your understanding.

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