Why dancers are the athletes of God: //facing the reality of beauty//

Hello, fellow earthlings. It is I, your fellow fashion blogger.

Today, I will be speaking on behalf of all ballerinas, and all the pain we experience as we develop our overwhelming passion for this art form.

Here are some of the harsh expectations and realities we ballerinas face:

Pointe shoes

1. ExpectationReality


2. ExpectationReality

Pointing your toes

3. Expectation Reality

Ha ha! It’s all so true!😂 I hope you enjoyed this post!What do ya think of my sign off? Pretty fancy, eh?

12 thoughts on “Why dancers are the athletes of God: //facing the reality of beauty//”

      1. Cool! What do you use for design? My friend can’t wait to go into pointes; I’ll just point at this picture. (Whoa, pun without even trying to!)

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      2. Haha! I LOVE ACCIDENTAL PUNS!😂 Yes, just point at the picture, and tell her that this might happen. Usually, that is the result of years upon years of pointe training. I actually use picollage. But, I uploaded my images, so I don’t have to use anyone else’s. Does that make sense?

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