D.I.Y ringer pocket tee

Hey! Welcome back! Today, I will be showing you all how to make a D.I.Y ringer pocket tee. Let’s get started! Here are the things you will need:

Crew neck tee

Old t-shirt scraps


Needle and thread

Sewing pins

Measuring tape

First off, lay your t-shirt outNext, you will need to take part of the sleeves from the old shirt, and fit them over the edge of the other shirt sleeves.Next, pin them down, and sew a straight stitch around the edge. Repeat on the other sleeve. Now it’s time for the neck.Carefully place the fabric around the neck, pin down, then sew a straight stitch. It will look like this.As you sew around, make sure you stop a couple times to tug at the stitching a little. So the stitching doesn’t bunch your neckline. Now it’s time for the pocket.Lay out your measuring tape on the fabric. Mark exactly at six inches going down. Cut to the six inch mark. Now, cut five inches across the bottom.Repeat the six inch cut on the other side. Now, take your piece of fabric.take the two sides, fold them over, and pin them down. You aren’t going to stitch them just yet.For the next part, take one corner of the bottom of the fabric and fold over to make a triangle.Repeat on the other side.It will look like this. Now, try on the shirt, and place the pocket. Once you have placed the pocket, carefully pin it to the shirt. Note: I recommend wearing another shirt underneath when pinning, so you don’t poke yourself.After you place it and pin it, sew a straight stitch around the pocket. Remove the pins, and now you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

-The Questionable Tortoise๐Ÿข

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