1970’s fashion: ‘Twas sunshine and corduroy

Hey everyone! Welcome to our outfit of the day! Today, we’ll be focusing on how to get the 70’s look. Let’s get started!

let’s talk a little about the 70’s! Here’s all the facts about the 70’s that I know!

1. Both my parents were born

2. H.R Pufnstuf ran for the U.N. ambassador.

3. Smokey the bear was STILL stoppin’ forest fires!

1. Mom jeans. You heard me. Mom jeans. Before you say “oh! The horror!” Hear me out, it’s now fashionable. It’s hip! And, it looks great with a vintage tee!

2. Shoes Try some tall ones! Super cute! Just try to NOT fall over.

3. That hair.Try a colorful headband! Super 70’s!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Btw, feedback is much appreciated!

-The Questionable Tortoise🐢

#70’s #sunshine #hrpufnstuf


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